Ready to enjoy the excitement of a competition? While competitions’ rules are explained under its announcement post, the rules explained below apply to ALL competitions that DeFacto is a part of, as the organizer or collaborator. Just remember that participating in competition means that you fully accept these general terms and conditions of DeFacto and you give a promise to fulfill all the requirements.




DeFacto runs competitions with various contexts via its social media platforms or in collaboration with its ambassadors (both, called “The Organizerat the following sections.) These competitions will be announced via posts through its own social media platforms or via posts through its ambassadors’ social media platforms that will be called “Announcement Postin the following sections.


Whereas each competition (hereinafter, “Competition”) is conducted by DeFacto Retail UK LTD , company registration number 13107992 , with its registered address at One Bartholomew Close EC1A 7BL London.


  1. Are You Eligible?


Yes, if you say YES to all the questions below:

  • Are you older than 18 by the day of the entry? If not, do you have the approval of your parents or legal guardians to enter the Competition?
  • Could you provide proof of age and/or identity and/or proof of such approval, if asked by The Organizer?
  • Do you have a residential address in any of the EU or UK countries?
  • Do you have an active and public personal account on the social media platform that the Competition is run in?


Yes, if you say NO to all the questions below:


  • Do you work for the Organizer or a close relative of the Organizer or a supplier of the Organizer?
  • Are you a resident in a country where the Competition may breach any law or regulation?


What are the dates that matter?


The answer is specified on the caption section of the Announcement Post. Whereas you may enter the competition at any time under the dates and hours set, entries after the closing date will not be allowed. 


How do I participate in the Competition, you ask?


  • Again, the answer is specified under the Announcement Pos The main rule, obviously, is to spread the joy by tagging your friends but for more details, pay attention to the explanations in the Announcement Post. Be wise about which friends to choose since one person can write only one entry unless explicitly stated otherwise in the Announcement Post.
  • Entering the Competition will always be free and not require any purchase. The only fee you need to consider is an internet connection and usage rates because the Organizer is not and will not be liable for any such costs.


So you have won. What next?


  • The winners will be chosen at random among followers who have accomplished all the requirements listed in the Announcement Post.
  • The Organizer reserves the right to announce the winner/s and their country of residence or publish the entry on any of the Organizer’s social media channels and/or website.
  • DeFacto will DM the winners from the official DeFacto Europe account only in 5 business days after the closing date. No other account will be used ; , so do not respond to any other messages from other accounts.
  • In the case of not getting a response from the winner/s, they will lose their chance and DeFacto will contact the first account on the waiting list in 48 hours.
  • As the final note, DeFacto’s decision in respect of all matters to do with the Competition will be final and shall not be subject to review or appeal by any entrant or by any third party.


How to get your prize?


  • The promotional prize is mentioned on the Announcement Post and it is unchangeable, untransferable, and non-refundable. The winner/s has no right to redeem a different prize and DeFacto reserves the right to substitute any prize with another of equivalent value without giving notice. But, do not worry, we make sure that we will think of something that makes you smile.
  • If needed, DeFacto has the right to ask for legal proof of identity or residency address to the winner/s such as passport, driver's license, etc. In case that the winner/s does not provide the required document, DeFacto has the right to disqualify the winner and select another winner from the waiting list.
  • Our competitions are open to people in any of the EU or UK countries, therefore we only ship to these countries.
  • If the winner/s does not wish to redeem the prize for any reason, DeFacto reserves to ask the winner to state this in written form.



What is The Organizer’s Liability?


The Organizer is not responsible for any cost other than the prize/mentioned and its shipment if it is applied. Any damages, liability, or injury connected with the Competition or the prize/s cannot be tied to the Organizer’s responsibilities.


What about respect and privacy?


  • Participating in the Competition means that you give permission to the Organizer to use your name in any manner and in any medium for its promotional purposes without additional approval or compensation being required, such as posting in a winner’s list on digital and social media channels.
  • The Organizer expects you to participate in a respectful manner, which means that any offensive, pornographic, unlawful, obscene, vulgar, hateful, threatening, discriminatory entry will be disqualified. The Organizer has the right to take any further action in respect of such entries and/or to remove any material that does not comply with this approach.
  • Any info/rule/requirement listed on the Privacy Policy page on the DeFacto’s website is applicable to the Competition:


General Terms and Conditions


  • The Organizer reserves its right to cancel the Competition when it is decided so or change the rules of the General Terms & Conditions at its sole discretion and such change shall have immediate effect upon the publication thereof.
  • Any Competition is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram and/or Facebook and/or Twitter and/or TikTok and/or other social media accounts. These companies and/or accounts cannot be held accountable for any process regarding the Competition.


Governing Law


The Competition and its Rules and Terms & Conditions will be governed in accordance with the English Laws and any disputes will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts. Entrants agree to comply with all their relevant local laws.