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      What lies beneath: shop our wide range of women’s underwear

      Let’s be honest: buying women’s underwear isn’t the easiest thing to do. We’ve all experienced ill-fitting bras, incorrect cup sizes, or underwear that’s just plain uncomfortable and unflattering. Add to that the fact our bodies are all different and always changing, DeFacto has made it a priority to provide you with a wide range of bras and bralettes, slips, sports bras, vests, nightwear, panties, and lingerie. Comfort has been the keyword in the last couple of years as most of us stayed home, but we’re now looking for something extra special, whilst always prioritizing comfort.

      Women’s lingerie: looking good, feeling fine.

      It’s finally time—or getting there—to ditch those well-worn sweat pants and think again about our underwear. Lingerie has two, equally important, jobs to do: be comfortable and stylish. Bold bright colours are in this season, again reflecting our desire to start strutting our stuff (although we also have lots of classic and black and white women’s lingerie available to keep your basics well-stocked). Silk or satin slips are also high on the trend list. They’re supremely comfortable, effortlessly stylish and, when worn as everyday intimates, bring a little luxury to your day. Shop our range of women’s underwear and find the perfect base for any outfit.