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      Women’s sweatshirts: for working out or casual style

      Once a post-workout necessity, sweatshirts—with or without a hood—are now a wardrobe must-have. Women’s sweatshirts are the perfect blank canvas that can be kept simple—color blocking in black, white, green, pink or anything else—or jazzed up with a brand label, striking graphics, and trim/piping. Add a classic crewneck with a button-down shirt for a vintage preppy look, or go oversized and/or cropped for a 90s clubber vibe

      Hoodies to hide from the paparazzi

      The explosion of athleisure has really seen regular and designer sweatshirts take centre stage. Are you even famous if you haven’t been photographed leaving the house in jogging bottoms and a hoodie? This trend seems to have started with Paris Hilton and Juicy Couture back in the day. For the full-on California-reality-star look be brave in velour neons.

      Getting sweating in style

      As a staple, sweatshirts fit perfectly under denim or leather jackets on chiller evenings or choose a neutral colour to wear with a trench or dust coat. Obviously, the sweatshirt is designed for working out at the gym or doing laps of the park on frostier mornings. Choose a half-zip variety paired with leggings or shorts for a truly athletic look or an over-the-head ladies’ sweatshirt for a more casual “city jogger” aesthetic.