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      Want full-coverage, modest Muslim Swimwear? Look no further.

      DeFacto creates Swimwear for Muslim women based on the concept that women want fashionable swimsuits that still respect their religious beliefs, values, and cultural identity. Our designs allow modest- or conservative-minded women to enjoy the beach, pool, or water park while being covered from shoulder to knee. Made with a two-piece design, DeFacto combines full coverage swimming attire with conservative and fashionable styles.

      Heading to the beach and staying conservative and faithful to one's Islamic beliefs is easy (not to mention stylish and comfortable) with DeFacto's women's Burkini.

      Dive into a new way of enjoying the water with Burkini, a unique line of Swimwear that provides complete coverage for hours of sunbathing and splashing in public swimming pools or oceans. Buy the full-body swimsuit, which features four-way sun protection, adjustable neck straps and a burqa-style hat.

      Semi-covered designer swimming costume equals Modest Muslim Swimwear.

      A full-body swimsuit covers the whole body with a stretchable, wide neckline and a comfortable, multi-way bra with delicate stitching. There is an attached knee-length skirt on the front to preserve modesty and prevent water from entering between the legs. The elasticity in the sleeves makes it easy for you to put on or take off the Burkini with full coverage of your arms. The Swimwear is designed for beachwear and is perfect for all sports activities such as swimming, surfing & boating.