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      Get your essential men’s sportswear accessories

      As the saying goes: a bad workman blames his tools. The same might apply to the reluctant gym-goer. Having the right gym accessories can sometimes be the difference between beach bod and dad bod (both are great, of course!) Having good kit makes you feel motivated and committed to your fitness goals. Hitting the gym in dodgy grey joggers, an old xxl t-shirt and trashed trainers might not be the motivating outfit that you need.

      Go running in the right trainers

      So what accessories do you need? If you’re a runner you should definitely invest in pair of running sneakers. Your feet and your knees will thank you, especially if you run on concrete. Never use your everyday sneakers as sports shoes—after a few weeks, the smell will have everyone else around you running. When it comes to trainers, focus on the comfort: good soles, ankle support and leave plenty of room for your toes.

      Bag it up: carrying your accessories in style

      A good gym bag is both practical and makes a style statement. Choose a sports bag that’s long and wide enough to fit all of your other accessories like towels, protein shaker and toiletries. Go for a classic fabric footlocker or add a little refinement with a weekender: perfect for visiting the gym when away from home.