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      Men's slips for any occasion.

      Soft, breathable men's slips fit comfortably under trousers and give you room to move. Whether you need a gripper in the summer or warmth in the winter, we have you covered. Made with the finest cotton fibres and lined with nylon, these men's slips are the ultimate in luxury. Wear them underneath your dress shirt to stay comfortable all day long.

      The essential undergarment you didn't know you needed!

      Durable and simple, our men's slips are versatile and provide the perfect base layer for any outfit. Our modern Men's Slip is the perfect undergarment. It is designed to work well on its own, with your favourite pair of jeans or as part of a layered look.

      These slips will help you put on that nice fitting pair of jeans without binding or riding up, losing their shape and becoming uncomfortable. The soft waistband will allow you to comfortably wear them underneath pants, dress pants or even as regular underwear underneath athletic shorts for playing sports.

      Smooth lines, breathable fabric and soft on the skin. Men's classic slips.

      These smooth men's slips are comfortable enough to wear every day. We suggest wearing them with a pair of classic-style briefs to get the best fit, and then add a belt or suspenders for an extra dose of personality.