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      Men’s cardigans: from comfy casual to formal

      Men’s cardigans fulfil an important role: somewhere between the formality of a blazer and the laid-back feel of a sweater or hoody, they’re an ideal wardrobe basic to build on. Cardigans were originally the domain of university lecturers and grandads, in other words, a symbol of stuffiness and very very uncool. All that changed in the early 2000s thanks to the indie music scene and the arrival of “geek chic”. Cardigans have had another revival recently and we’re just fine with that. Men’s cardigans are a varied bunch. Chunky and knitted are perfect for snuggling up during the colder months. On dry winter days, pair knitted cardigans with a scarf and you’ve got yourself a stylish, textured jacket replacement. Wear with jeans and boots for a casual, crisp and masculine look.

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      Cardigans are perfect for more formal events like interviews, restaurant dates and weddings, especially if you’re not comfortable in a suit and tie. Go classic in black, navy, or olive or add a patterned option for a little personality. Layering a plaid or gingham shirt under a jumper and cardigan is, let’s face it, effortlessly stylish and peak preppy. Pop on a tie or bowtie for always-welcome handsome professor vibes. If your style’s a little simpler, opt for a thinner fitted cardigan with a zip—perfect for throwing on after the gym or under a wax jacket for a contemporary country look.